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The Nephrology Division at Deepam MedFirst Hospitals offers comprehensive care to patients suffering from a spectrum of chronic and acute kidney diseases. The Nephrology experts consistently invest time, effort, and expertise to help people maintain their kidney health through various non-invasive procedures.

Our team of experienced Nephrologists is acclaimed for its rare clinical skills and for providing top-notch treatment to all classes of people ranging from children to adults. We boast an adroit team of professionals including kidney transplant specialists, nephrologists, urologists, and other nursing staff.

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Symptoms of Nephrological Conditions

Passing very little or a lot of urine
Abnormal levels of chemicals in the urine
passing blood with the urine
Has puffy eyes, hands and feet, also known as edema
Has high blood pressure
Feels exhausted frequently
Experiencing a shortness of breath
Notices a sudden loss in appetite
Feels nauseous and has a tendency to vomit often
Frequently thirsty
Bad taste in the mouth
Observes bad breath
Sudden loss in weight Incontinence
Skin feels itchy
Notices cramping or muscle twitching
Notes a yellowish tint to the skin
Passing urine that is tea-coloured

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